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Intelligent Heat Supply Solution

The scheme is an integrated transportation and maintenance solution for central heating engineering. The whole solution takes the Internet of Things, heat supply network calculation analysis and whole-network balancing technique as the core, aims to achieve energy-saving and consumption-reduction through optimal control; the seamless integration of automation and information enables production dispatching in the whole central heating system, truly realizes the thermo-dynamical balance in the heat power supply system among the heat source, heat supply network and the heat exchange station, and attains the goal of integrating production control, production management and operation management.


Terminal control; Heat metering; Balanced across the network; Dispatching optimization; Unattended operation; Delicacy control.

Intelligent operation & maintenance system

Based on the automatic modification of each link of heat supply and energy conservation, the system allows for centralized monitoring of each link data which is originally controlled in a distributed way, simultaneously supports data analysis and optimization management; and the business scope covers heat source regulation, heat exchange station monitoring and thermal network monitoring, terminal metering temperature control and the heat supply by renewable energy, etc.;

· Cloud architecture information platform;

· One-stop on-line monitoring;

· Energy efficiency diagnostic analysis schedule;

· Energy-saving optimization through whole network dispatching;

· Mobile management real-time control.

Intelligent operation & maintenance platform software

Based on ToFine’s pioneering and widely accepted energy information five-layer architecture in the industry, ToFine aims to provide an excellent heat supply information platform software characterized by technology maturity, architecture-leading, cloud-based computation and Internet-of-Things technology.;
· Full compliance with national standards;
· Full compliance with industry specifications;
· Response to actual energy pipeline requirements;
· Quantifiable energy-saving benefits.

Fully support the mobile terminal

The system fully supports mobile terminal access, users can log in the platform anytime and anywhere through the pad and mobile phone; the App and WeChat application enables real-time data interaction and good user experience.

GIS system based real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring—pipeline network monitoring

· Demonstrate the deployment of whole heat supply network from the heat source to;the heat transfer station;

· Different icons are used to represent different objects (heat source, heat transfer station, etc.);

· Sites with abnormal condition are represented by different colors;

· You can view site data directly on a map.

Real-time monitoring—room temperature monitoring

The wireless room temperature monitoring equipment is deployed to remotely control the indoor temperature of the user, so as to guide the operation of the thermal network, timely adjust the heat output, thereby ensuring the heating effect, improving the service quality, reducing the energy consumption and labor intensity, and reducing the operation management cost.

Dispatching optimization

Whole-network dispatching control strategy

The system covers the whole network dispatching control strategy of heat source load forecast dispatching, primary network balance control, secondary network balance control, regulation of secondary network quality to the heat exchange station and volume regulation, so as to achieve the optimal operating condition.

Heat load real-time correction model

By using the energy-saving analysis and evaluation model system, create the thermal load real-time correction model of the heat transfer station based on the design heat load and annual heat load data of heat exchange station.

Prediction of heat load on the whole network

According to the real-time weather forecast, based on the heat load model of heat exchange station, it is able to conduct heat load forecast in the whole network, establish heat supply scheme and set the optimal operating parameter.

· Whole network;balance control

Based on the current operating conditions of all stations, the platform can calculate the appropriate average temperature of supply and return water in the secondary network, and when the control parameters (control cycle, step, dead zone) of each heat exchange station are considered, we can automatically adjust the opening degree of the primary side water supply valve one by one, so as to regulate the heat supply and heat distribution in the whole thermal network.

· Secondary network quality regulation;

According to the climate compensation and behavior mode, the system establishes a plurality of curves of the set secondary water supply temperature value, and adjusts the heat exchange efficiency of the secondary network heat exchanger according to the actual working condition, so as to achieve the effect of dynamic energy saving.;

Secondary network quantity regulation

When the outdoor temperature is low, the secondary network quantity regulation can be started, and by controlling the working frequency of circulating pump and increasing the heat exchange quantity, the heating demand at the most unfavorable point of the end can be satisfied.

Pursuant to the principle of “centralized monitoring and remote control”, a controller system with network communication function is arranged in on-site control cabinet of the heat exchange station, and an upper computer system with network communication, data storage, display, analysis and processing functions is arranged in the dispatching center;
The whole system consists of the dispatching monitoring center, data communication network and on-site controller. The on-site controller mainly collects real-time process parameters such as the temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level and the like of primary and secondary network in each heat exchange station, and reflect and control the state of various operation devices in real time;;under the support of the communication network, the data reflecting the operation state of heat exchange station is transmitted to the dispatching monitoring center through a certain network interface, while the dispatching control instruction from dispatching monitoring center is received; the dispatching monitoring center is responsible for receiving the data sent from each site monitoring equipment, for data storage, historical trend analysis, alarming, report printing and on the basis of this, can send dispatching control instructions to each field device.

The following figure is a schematic diagram of the network architecture for this system:

Energy consumption analysis

Analysis indicator

Energy consumption analysis indicators cover the complete process of heat supply, including the energy production, processing, conversion, distribution and user terminal consumption.

Evaluation and optimization

The platform integrates the energy-saving analysis and evaluation model system, gives the evaluation conclusion of the current energy consumption level of each station, and puts forward the optimization suggestion.
The energy consumption analysis function is used to analyze the data such as heat consumption, water supply amount, power consumption, boiler efficiency and the like; enable efficiency analysis of boiler, intuitively reflect the capacity efficiency of the boiler subordinate to the heat supply company, and provide data basis for the management unit to rectify and eliminate the backward production capacity of the boiler.

In terms of energy transportation and distribution, enable energy transportation and distribution efficiency analysis of pipeline network, and provide data basis for management unit to evaluate the capability of each heat supply network; from the perspective of heat transfer station, the heat load forecasting function is firstly used to generate the planned heat load index, and then based on the heat load analysis, effectively evaluate the compliance of each heat transfer station with heat production requirements.
In addition, the heat loss analysis is provided in the process and conversion process, and more data support is provided for the management unit to evaluate the energy-saving operation of the heat exchange station.

Archives management

Equipment operation state management

· Monitoring of the real-time running status and fault information of equipment.

· Statistics of working state parameters such as overall operation duration, on-off frequency after putting equipment in service.

· Equipment status maintenance: After querying the equipment according to the query conditions, click the icon of each record selected, enter the device status change interface, and change the device status information.

· Statistics of power consumption rate of equipment: used to calculate power consumption of equipment for a period of time.

Equipment account information

· Defining basic equipment information: pinpoint device information and location through accurate query and fuzzy query.

Equipment repair

· Maintenance information: enter and query equipment failure and maintenance information.

Equipment maintenance

· Maintenance information: enter and query equipment maintenance information.

Patrol inspection management

Patrol inspection query

· Patrol inspection personnel can perform location query, information query, route query, maintenance record and material query.

Dispatching management

· Prepare, issue, track, execute and assess dispatch instructions to realize closed-loop management of dispatching tasks.

Patrol inspection report

· The number and implementation of patrol tasks, the details clock-in/out time and place of patrol inspection personnel are displayed in the form of reports.

Intelligent station control system

The system can fully support the automatic control functions such as unattended operation, valve, circulation, water supply and other equipment in the heat exchange station.

Automatic control function

· The starting and stopping and the frequency conversion output of circulating pump are controlled through the differential pressure of the second network;

· The water supply is controlled by constant pressure;

· Control the valve/ booster pump through the average temperature difference of secondary water supply network /secondary return water;

· The water inlet of water tank is controlled through the liquid level.

Protection function

· Over-temperature and over-pressure protection: all control loops are provided with PV limit protection;

· Over-temperature protection: When the water supply temperature of the secondary network exceeds the high limit value, electric regulating valve/ booster pump in the primary network is closed.
When return water temperature of the primary network exceeds high limit value, high limit protection will be started, and the opening of electric regulating valve/ the frequency of booster pump will be controlled with the return water temperature in the primary network as the target.

Immediately close the electric control valve/ booster pump in the primary network and generate alarm when the return water temperature in the primary network exceeds high limit value;

· Pressure loss protection: when the return water pressure in the secondary network is lower than the ultra-low limit value, the circulating pump is automatically stopped, the electric control valve/ booster pump is closed, automatic water supply system is put into operation and the water supply is started.

· Overpressure protection: when the water supply pressure of the secondary network exceeds the setting ultrahigh limit value, circulating pump will stop running and the electric regulating valve/ booster pump in the primary network will be disenabled;

· Water supply low-frequency operation protection: water supply pump is operated at low frequency for a certain time, and when the pressure at constant pressure point is stable, the water supply pump is stopped, and when the pressure falls below the set value, the water supply pump is restarted. The low frequency logic is enabled only when one pump is operated;;

· All-pump stop protection: When the circulating pumps are fully stopped, the valve is closed to the lower limit value/ booster pump stops operation.

Automatic switchover function

· Time control: calculation values of two heat supply temperature setting curves in different periods;

· Rotation control: periodic switching of pumps;

· Maintenance control: under maintenance state, the system will automatically stop relevant dispatching of the pump;

· Sequential start-up of dual-plate double-pump unit: in a dual-plate double-pump heat exchange station, if a unit stops working due to failure, the circulating pump in the second unit will start automatically and continuously supply heat.

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